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the Slower competitor , AMD Radeon HD8000 delay

Once the information was an old labyrinth , last week , said that the chip series GPU AMD Radeon HD 8000 to be published in early 2014.
The company plans to introduce a series of products " new technology " to fill all market segments in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Until that time , AMD will focus on increasing sales GPU Radeon HD 7000 series that has been around since 2011 . Several new models of this series will be published in mid - 2013.

AMD has already launched a mobile GPU Radeon HD8000M at CES 2013 last month, but this chip uses a series Radeon HD7000 series base that gets a number of improvements and renowned architecture.

Never settle

Regarding the decision to continue to rely on the 2013 Radeon HD7000 GPU , AMD said that GPU performance is even higher than its competitors, the GeForce GTX 600 from Nvidia.

In addition , sales of GPU Radeon HD7000 series is considered moderate uphill. The sales volume of the series in January 2013 , for example, is higher than other times in 2012 , including the period of Christmas and New year.

" With sales goes like this , launching a series of new products that premature action," said an official quoted AMD PCWorld .

the Slower competitor , AMD Radeon HD8000 delay
the Slower competitor , AMD Radeon HD8000 delay

The increase in sales GPU Radeon HD7000 series is partly a promotional contribution " Never Settle " in which AMD in cooperation with several manufacturers games leading to the final group with several game titles based HD7000 graphics card products.

Later, the company launched the promotion "Never Settle : Reloaded " , which offers download code Crysis 3 and BioShock Infinite to the buyer, without a map -based Radeon HD 7900 GPU.

When asked about plans GeForce GTX Titan new flagship NVIDIA is said to be released in the near future, corporate vice president and head of global marketing for AMD Roy Taylor has said that the new flagship of AMD will await the arrival of competitors.

"When it comes, we 'll deal with that , but we believe that AMD will remain at the forefront ," said Taylor.

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