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Bbm On Android and iOS, BlackBerry What?

BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application , known by the acronym BBM has always been one of the exclusive features that are only available on a BlackBerry smartphone.

However, the exclusivity will disappear as soon as the BlackBerry BBM app for iOS and Android released in mid -2013 in applications each platform stores.

This surprising move is called BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins as a "declaration of trust " enterprise . BlackBerry hopes to expand the customer base fuel and monetize the application if it is reached.

Although capable of doing the fuel becomes more relevant in the midst of the growing popularity of platform instant messaging application , the decision also has the potential to be a boomerang for BlackBerry phones.

Larry Magid Forbes found BlackBerry users who use such devices to be discussed by BBM can then move freely for your iPhone or Android phones because longer bound by the exclusivity of fuel.

This topic is a warm conversation between BlackBerry consumers, including in Indonesia. A thread that discusses the possibility of the above was even chosen to be one of the " hot wire " in an online community forum Kaskus .

Because popular in Indonesia , BlackBerry phones used by many users from all walks of life. BlackBerry smartphones are often seen in the hand with an iPhone or Android smartphone, because their owners can not be separated from BBM contacts that are already many and can not be accessed from the BlackBerry device.

BBM on Android and iOS, BlackBerry what?
BBM on Android and iOS, BlackBerry what?

Now, with the opening of the door of BBM on iOS and Android , what is the reason to continue to use BlackBerry phones?

While that may seem can cause awkwardness , making the BlackBerry is actually designed specifically to prevent BlackBerry users to switch to another heart .

Hope that the fuel in the iPhone and Android could increase the popularity of chat services , while providing a vast network of contacts BBM for BlackBerry users.

Why now?

So why this is not done over and over again ? Jim Dawson , chief analyst at Ovum Telecommunications Research Institute , said that BlackBerry has long planned to release BBM for Android and iOS . It became a post triggered by a decline in the number of BlackBerry subscribers reality.

Until the second quarter of last year , the number of BlackBerry subscribers has been a steady increase . But since then , the trend has reversed: the number of BlackBerry subscribers gradually from a peak of 80 million.

"Many BlackBerry users are turning to another platform and thus allow fuel. S ' demand value should be reduced , "said Dawson , quoted by The Verge . " If you wait longer, could power really does not make sense. They ( BlackBerry ) want to do while there is still time enjoy the BBM user base . "

BlackBerry says there are currently 60 million BBM users worldwide . Over 51 million people use BBM on average 90 minutes per day . Overall, every day, there are 10 billion messages sent and received customers fuel . BlackBerry says that number twice as many messages sent and received another instant messaging application .

Also present in the iPhone and Android, the fuel will be in direct competition with other instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp , Line, Kakao Talk, or WeChat who first took users on both platforms . WhatsApp , for example , already has 200 million users worldwide .

As explained in the blog BlackBerry , BBM for iPhone and Android will initially have only basic functions such as multi- cat and create a group of up to 30 contacts with sharing BlackBerry calendar, photos and files. Plan to support voice and video chat will be added to the iOS and Android versions of fuel at the end of this year.

Updated: Thursday, September 19, 2013 it was officially announced the BlackBerry BBM for iOS and Android platform. This application can be downloaded by Android users start the day Saturday, September 21, 2013 , 18:00 pm via the Google Play Store app . BBM for iOS will be available the day after the last of September 22, 2013 via the App Store App Store . BBM for Android and iOS can be obtained for free or paid.

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