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Samsung Announces Scatter BlackBerry Messenger

Samsung as largest manufacturers of Android devices in the world looks warmly welcomed the arrival of the BlackBerry Messenger application messaging (BBM), especially for the Galaxy family of smartphones.

Samsung announces Scatter BlackBerry Messenger
Samsung announces Scatter BlackBerry Messenger

Samsung mobile offices are located in Ghana, began marketing the application of fuel lasts 16 seconds uploaded to YouTube Monday (26/08/2013) video. Samsung Ghana promotional video was also distributed by the social network Facebook.

The last part of the video shows the logo of the application of fuel that accompanied the text caption "Coming Soon to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones."

Unfortunately, the video is distributed Samsung Ghana video is "stupid" is not accompanied by music or other audio effects.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins promising standalone BBM app for Android and iPhone will be released in the summer when the United States and Canada. However, he did not reveal the exact date of the launch of BBM app on Android and iPhone.

The fuel in both platforms was predicted closer competitors. Moreover, after using the BlackBerry BBM guide app on Android and iPhone. Beginning last August, the company invited the people chosen to try BBM app on Android and iPhone.

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