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Patent rights Make More BlackBerry Worth

One of the valuable asset that makes the BlackBerry is obvious. The company offered a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings for $ 4.7 billion Monday.

Steven Li of Raymond James Financial financial firm , predicts that the BlackBerry patent total of 1.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Patent rights Make More BlackBerry Worth
Patent rights Make More BlackBerry Worth

Since its inception in 1984, is projected BlackBerry has about 9000 patents, including 5,236 active patents in the United States and about 3,730 active applications in the wireless communications industry .

Not only that, Li also predicted BlackBerry has another valuable asset in the form of a network server for the mobile telecommunications value reaches 825 million of U.S. dollars and 412 million U.S. dollars licenses.

Patent portfolio includes the BlackBerry trademarks and hardware as well as software engineering in product design smart phones. In addition, the BlackBerry has also acquired several patents from Nortel Networks Corp. .

Nortel is a company based in Canada , which went bankrupt in 2009 and decided to sell the company's assets , including patents , to a consortium consisting of Apple , Microsoft, BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) , Ericsson , Sony and EMC .

The consortium bought 6,000 Nortel patents for $ 4.5 billion , including patents wireless technology , 4G, data networking , optical , voice, semiconductors , internet, and others.

Although BlackBerry offered by a consortium led Fairfax with a fairly high price, but this is not a final decision. BlackBerry had the opportunity to November 4, 2013 to consider and negotiate with other parties to bid differently.

Fairfax Financial company , founded and directed by Prem Watsa Canadian conglomerate , currently owns a 10 percent stake in the BlackBerry , which is also the majority shareholder.

In addition to the consortium , the BlackBerry is also rumored to be offered by the founder and former CEO Mike Lazaridis . The New York Times reported , Lazaridis has reached out to Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group to develop the offer.

BlackBerry mobile market share continues to decline , less competitive with Samsung and Apple products. Blackberry sales declined to 11.1 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter of 2013 , against U.S. $ 19.9 billion for fiscal 2011.

The company was forced to cut 4,500 employees, or about a third of employee ownership , saving costs . In addition, the BlackBerry also restrict the scope of the company targeting the corporate segment . On this basis, the company has dared to publish applications BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application untu Android and iPhone.

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