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What Do You Think? Bbm Using iPhone

Most iPhone users may have to use BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application (BBM) . Saturday ( 21/09/2013 ) night , BBM had appeared in the Apple App Store, but the next morning retract BlackBerry BBM for iPhone.

what do you think? bbm using iphone

This makes other users can not install applications on their iPhone BBM . KompasTekno successfully installed and can now use BBM on iPhone applications.

what do you think? bbm using iphone

Once finished downloading the installation of approximately 30MB file, the user must enter the BlackBerry ID account .

You can enter the old ID in the BlackBerry BBM app for iPhone . If you choose this option , then all you have BBM contacts will be automatically transferred to the BBM app for iPhone .

However, if you do not have any BlackBerry ID, you are able to create a new account directly from the BBM app for iPhone .

Once successfully logged in , you will get a personal identification number (PIN ) and a new barcode as a detector of authenticity.

After landing in the main view of fuel, you will see a set of buttons at the bottom of the screen. There are menu buttons, cats, contacts, groups and settings. If you press the Menu button at the bottom left , there are some basic options , including updates and invites .


How to invite a friend to BBM contacts can connect through the four ways, namely by scanning the bar code , enter the PIN, or by e -mail and SMS. The most popular way to do this is through the barcode and PIN is your friend.

Once invited , you have to wait a while. From experience KompasTekno use BBM on iPhone , friends can go quickly through the list of contacts . However, there is also a new contact entry in a few hours .

Go to the option to contact if you want to see the BBM contact list . Choose one of them if you want to start a conversation.

what do you think? bbm using iphone


At this stage, you are able to have conversations with other BBM users . This application has basic functionality . You can send text messages, attach pictures and voice notes to ping . In the middle of a conversation , you can also send a number of emoticons. Possibility of a broadcast message is also available.

KompasTekno feel some messages sent or received on the fuel in the iPhone has been delayed. BlackBerry seems to correct this application so that users receive messages in real time.

what do you think? bbm using iphone

Users also can change the status and profile of private photos. History of the state or change profile pictures of your friends can be seen in the optional updates .

Create a group discussion

Press the Groups button , if you want to create a discussion group. I invite people to this group can be done by scanning the barcode or enter a PIN. The creator of the group will act as administrator. It can not be allowed to arrange for members to invite other users to join the group .

regulate fuel

Center settings BBM app you can scroll by pressing the logo are three dots in the lower right corner of the screen , then select Settings. You can put everything, including the change BlackBerry ID password , delete the conversation history , blocking a BBM contact , and so on .

For those of you who have not been using BBM , perhaps the existence of cross-platform applications that take you to the nostalgic era of the 2000s, when the BlackBerry BBM and victorious and succeeded in changing the lives of people receiving short messages in real time from a mobile phone.

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