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I Think As The BlackBerry State "failed"

The future of BlackBerry is still plagued by gray clouds . Considering the possibility of selling the company announcement did not help improve the situation. If the company will soon be "finished" ?

John Hermann BuzzFeed noted that the state of the smartphone pioneer is now like a "failed state" or a failed state , where chaos occurs everywhere and there is no clear objective to advance.

Meanwhile, the management of the company in times of crisis , the CEO Thorsten Heins , will be expelled if the money side by the new owner , although he himself has so far failed to reverse fortunes probably BlackBerry .

Something similar has already experienced duo of founder and former CEO of BlackBerry , Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balisillie , which is now included in the row of the richest people in Canada .

BlackBerry is called Hermann economy showed signs of instability and lack of control. He stressed that it was recently revealed that a third , or about 45,000 pending applications to BlackBerry App World revolutions made by the developer to flood the App Store with a collection of programs as much as possible .

This, he said again, not signs of a healthy and orderly market. Now , all kinds of applications, " imitation" has polluted the BlackBerry App World.

Applications such as "Windows Live Messenger " for services that have been put off by Microsoft , " Followgram " are able to see the food, but could not display Instagram photos , and "Advanced 4G Signal Booster" an application that claims paid in the dubious title .

Only a handful of manufacturers of large applications is present here , she did not understand all that popular . It is a symptom of the signs did state : the inability to interact with the state (in this case, the manufacturer of hardware / software of) others in the context of an international community.

BlackBerry relations with Instagram for example , fell somehow get where . With the proposed sale of the company, the leading developer may be loss of appetite . Why bother to build a platform that does not have a clear vision of the future?

BlackBerry did not have much choice. Division of equipment worth U.S. $ 800 million which is the main source of income will not be considered valuable by other industry players who could buy it. BBM service was about to be separated into its own company to increase the value .

BlackBerry " state" always busy "people" , about 72 million people are still incorporated in the customer base . However, they may soon have to find a new home .

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