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Kudunyahoo : No Intention To equate Yahoo

Who would have thought the excess of the letter "o" could invite trouble Yahoo . This is the main objection to the name of the giant of a local Internet site, Kudunyahoo.com .

Yahoo also sent a warning letter to the Kudu Nyahoo , which ordered the site to replace the domain and remove any content related to Yahoo.

Kudunyahoo : No Intention To equate Yahoo
Kudunyahoo : No Intention To equate Yahoo

In fact, one of the founders of Kudu up Nyahoo , Assa Haq, he never intended to make the resemblance between the site and the brand name of the company in the United States .

The name " Kudu Nyahoo " itself is derived from two words of the language , namely kudu and Nyaho , which means "to know" . As its name suggests , this site presents a variety of information on culinary tourism and Indonesia.

" To confirm the meaning Nyaho , added the single letter " o " on the back , it's like ' haloo ", " Assa said to reporters at a meeting Thursday. He continued , Yahoo has not does the rest of the site, in addition to excess Nyahoo Kudu letter " o" .

Assa be opposed if the site profiteer Yahoo names . According to him, on the Internet there are many other sites that clearly violate copyright using the Yahoo brand naming the site. "So why are we accused ? Actually, the meaning is completely different and there is the letter "n" in the word " nyahoo ' . "

Assa admit they do not know how it could resolve the conflict with Yahoo. To be sure, if she was actually raped, he said he did not mind replacing the domain. "We first want to know how the application , if patentable regional languages ??as well ? " He asked.

Kudu Nyahoo site was inaccessible Thursday due to an unknown cause of their owners . Friday , Kudu Nyahoo was able to visit again.

Whatever the solution to Yahoo later Assa hoping to continue the service information that was launched two years ago, he was with two other founders, Hady and Syarif Hidayat Hidayat . " We want to be appreciated as well. Absolutely no desire to imitate Yahoo , " he concluded .

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