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it turns out, As Ericsson Nokia fate

Once the business unit and Nokia cell phones services purchased Microsoft , Nokia will suffer the same fate as Ericsson . Swedish companies have left the business phones and business rely on the infrastructure network.

Nokia mobile phones are the heart of business . Like the body, the heart organ Microsoft bought Nokia has been pumping blood to the group companies.

Under the agreement, Microsoft had to spend $ 5 billion to buy Nokia devices and services activities, and $ 2.2 billion for the patent license . In total, Microsoft will spend 7.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Nokia provides about 32,000 employees will be transferred to Microsoft. A total of 18,300 employees, which are directly involved in the manufacture of products and services Nokia devices .

Now , Nokia has struggled from the three remaining business units, which have not been purchased Microsoft . The third business unit is a digital map and location services (Nokia Here) , technological development (Advanced Technologies) , and the services of the network infrastructure and telecommunications (Nokia and Network Solutions ) .

A total of 56 000 employees will remain under the direction of Nokia Group is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

As an experienced Ericsson

Telecom infrastructure of activities could be one of the flagship Nokia business in the future . Defocusing business never experienced this before when it formed a joint venture with Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson in October 2001.

Since Ericsson did not expect much on the phone , and business resource organizations to deploy telecommunications infrastructure .

Until finally , Ericsson took off 50 percent of its shares in the joint venture of Sony. In February 2012 , Sony Ericsson paid 1.29 billion shares . Ericsson era in the field of mobile telephony was over.

Nokia lucky already anticipate major changes in business, the mobile telecommunications network infrastructure . In August 2013 , Nokia has purchased a 50 percent interest in the joint venture Nokia Siemens Siemens Network, amounting to 1.7 billion euros .

Nokia Siemens Networks then changed its name to Nokia Solutions and Networks. Rajeev selected to serve as CEO of the company.

"New Nokia is now not sexy and will not spectacular growth, but it will not suffer a spectacular failure as well ," said Daniel Lacalle , senior portfolio manager at Ecofin England.

" Nokia will be much more competitive because it will not lose more money," he said , quoted by Bloomberg Wednesday.

Bloomberg reported that the business unit of the telecommunications network infrastructure new Nokia can make a profit after six years ago , it is still a loss . This business unit develops after offering 4G LTE.

Nokia Chief Financial Officer Timo Ihamuotila , who also served as interim president , said Nokia Solutions and Networks is a company that is very effective and can invest wisely .

Competition between the network infrastructure business is getting tougher

Telecommunications network infrastructure business is now increasingly crowded by Chinese companies who dare to give a cheaper price . Both Ercisson , Solutions and Nokia Networks, Alcatel- Lucent , Huawei, ZTE and race cooperates with mobile operators to upgrade its telecommunications infrastructure for 4G LTE.

"The 4G technology is a high-margin business , as it is a new patented technology , and there are only a few players that offer ," said Mikko Ervasti , analyst at Evli Bank in Finland.

According to the research institute Gartner , Nokia Siemens Networks (now Nokia and Network Solutions ) controls 15 percent of global market share of mobile network equipment at the end of 2012. The first position is occupied by Ericsson with 35 percent , followed by Huawei of China with 17 percent.

Some analysts believe that Nokia solutions and networks could be a solid company Nokia . "It will be a new service , offering 4G technology improvements . Possibility exists to be a major supplier for network and telecommunications equipment in the world , "said Hannu Rauhala , analyst at Pohjola Bank in Finland.

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