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Did You Know ? Paul Allen , " Idea Man ??" Behind the History of Microsoft

As co-founder of Microsoft , Paul Gardner Allen figure is not as famous as Bill Gates . But their work in the business world it is no less than his . This smart billionaire not only penetrated the technology industry , but also the aviation industry , music , and sports . He was active in social activities . Adventure Allen with Bill Gates started in a cold winter in 1974 . At that time , Allen is only 21 years old bought the latest issue of technology magazine , Popular Electronics . The contents of the magazine so interesting , so in the spirit of Allen showed it to his friend , Gates . The magazine review about the Altair 8800 , a PC (personal computer ) first in the world . When it was not there any software that can be run with Altair . Allen and Gates knew that he was good at programming . Altair without ever touching it directly, they both write the programming language for the Altair . The second collaboration is generating BASIC genius .

Long story short , in 1975 , Allen and Gates was awarded a contract to supply software filler as Altair BASIC . Microsoft was born . Microsoft 's birth history presented in full by Allen himself through a book titled Idea Man ??. For many people , the dominant figure of Bill Gates looks at Microsoft . However , Allen also has a no less important role in the history of Microsoft . Allen could even be regarded as the ' brain ' or the idea man behind the software company 's history . With his knowledge about software development infrastructure , Allen has created a wide variety of equipment that support Microsoft businesses .

Paul Allen , " Idea Man ??" Behind the History of Microsoft

Paul Allen , " Idea Man ??" Behind the History of Microsoft

In 1977 , when Apple released the Apple II computer equipped with a processor that is not yet compatible with Microsoft software , Allen got the idea to develop a plug -in card . Allen and Gates , along with their colleagues , Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products , and then create the Z - 80 SoftCard aka Microsoft Softcard . With plug -in card , the software is written for non - Apple devices can be run on Apple computers .

Not only that . Allen is also a great role in creating cooperation between Microsoft and IBM . When IBM's operating system for the computer to charge the device , Microsoft does not have any operating system . At that time , Allen and Gates makes coding and developing new programming language . While in Seattle , there is a small software company that has developed a basic operating system , namely QDOS , short for Quick and Dirty Operating System.

Allen, who has a contact that company, deftly negotiates to buy copyrighted QDOS . Microsoft then developed QDOS into MS - DOS ( Microsoft Disk Operating System ) , and then offered to IBM . IBM computers would become standard in the computer industry , while the MS - DOS to the operating system. Microsoft is growing and getting profit from this cooperation .

Allen adventure with Gates at Microsoft only lasted for 8 years . In 1983 , Allen resigned from the company he had built for 2 reasons . First , he's a cancer disease , namely Hodgkin lymphoma . Second , he and Gates began to experience a mismatch that could not work together anymore .

After Microsoft , Allen did a lot of things . He built an investment firm Vulcan Inc. . , Buy Portland Trail Blazers basketball team and the Seattle Seahawks football team . Allen never invest in America Online ( AOL ) and the DreamWorks movie studio . He also founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science , and an airline company , which Stratolaunch Systems . Allen, with a fortune of 15 billion U.S. dollars , was ranked 20th in the Forbes 400 are released by Forbes Magazine in September 2012. Forbes 400 is the list of 400 richest people in the United States .

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