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Where Can "download" Official BBM Applications For Android?

Today, the long-awaited Android users who "missed" BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), but do not want to use a Blackberry phone has finally arrived .

BBM for Android applications, less than an hour , at exactly 18:00, Saturday , can be downloaded and used by Android users .

Where can " download" official bbm Applications for Android ?
Where can " download" official bbm Applications for Android ?

Updated: BlackBerry has delayed the launch of BBM app for Android and attractive applications for Apple's iPhone App Store , Sunday morning, Indonesian time . (Read : BBM for Android and iPhone pulled What 's this?)

Chat applications are very popular in Indonesia can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store on Android devices . However , the number of circulating fake BBM app on Google Play will be a problem for Android users choose the right application.

Before you download the BBM application, note the name of the designer / developer of the application. BBM is the official application that uses the name "BlackBerry Limited".

So no one download , KompasTekno advise you to monitor from this link .

The link above is a page issued BlackBerry applications . Most likely , BBM for Android app will also appear on this page.

There are three pages of the BlackBerry application, which BES10 Client Manager workspace and safe workspace . Many users think BES10 BBM client is the official application for Android . Do not download the application, because it is the fuel for business applications , can not use ordinary users.

Aside from the link above , the reference BlackBerry BBM application can also be downloaded from the official website of BlackBerry www.bbm.com .

The BBM application can run on any Android device as long as the brand has been using Android 4.0 and above (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean) .

Android users can use BBM to send text messages, photos , voice notes , and create a focus group contains 30 contacts .

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