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Open Developer Day, BlackBerry Indonesia Highlight Applications

The conference applications developers ( developers ) called BlackBerry BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 officially begins today , Hong Kong.

Vice president of developer relations and ecosystem Alec Saunders opened the BlackBerry Jam Asia in 2013 , saying , BlackBerry has managed to bring the best for mobile computing users.

"Our main goal ( BlackBerry ) unchanged , offering the best mobile computing experience for all users ," said Saunders.

BlackBerry 10 to be the main hopper to present the experience of mobile computer users . BlackBerry has encouraged developers around the world to make the best of BlackBerry 10 -based applications.

The plume , the best applications on BlackBerry 10 is called for the first time by Saunders is an application made in Indonesia.

" PicMix is a very popular application in the BlackBerry world ," said Saunders. "This application has been downloaded by BlackBerry users as much as 13 million times in the last 16 months and the current ( average ) 126,000 downloads per day."

Open Developer Day , BlackBerry Indonesia highlight Applications
Open Developer Day , BlackBerry Indonesia highlight Applications

PicMix is an application for sharing photos on the BlackBerry developer in Indonesia led by Calvin Kizana .

With this application , users can edit photos , embellish with interesting effects options , and also the setting . For BlackBerry , the application is available for free at BlackBerry World .

PicMix is one of the best examples of applications that BlackBerry 10 came from the Asia- Pacific.

Saunders added that requests for application developers from Asia - Pacific are vastly dominate the BlackBerry App World storefront .

" Approximately 37 percent of which is derived from the Wolrd BlackBerry Asia Pacific" developer, said Saunders.

This amount reflects the attempt BlackBerry closer to local markets in the Asia- Pacific region.

BlackBerry is almost aggressively partnering with universities in a number of countries to develop mobile technology, including Indonesia .

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