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Expect Answers BlackBerry Party Developer

The annual event applications developers ( developers ) BlackBerry hampered . In 2013 , the event was titled BlackBerry Jam Asia will begin tomorrow, Thursday ( 26/09/2013 ) , Hong Kong.

BlackBerry Jam is a feast for the BlackBerry key partners and developers. Such as the implementation of previous BlackBerry Jam Asia , which is always discussed is the development of applications and content for the BlackBerry operating system.

Expect answers BlackBerry Party Developer
Expect answers BlackBerry Party Developer

However, BlackBerry Jam Asia this year seems to be different . As is known , the range of issues and problems that have plagued BlackBerry last year makes this event long awaited by many parties.

This will be a hot topic at this event is the multi -platform BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) .

As previously reported , promised BlackBerry BBM app for Android and iPhone will be launched last week.

However, the promise has not been kept BlackBerry . Under the pretext of technical problems on the BBM BlackBerry server, suspend the presence BBM Android app . BBM for iPhone also get the sap , the installation file is pulled from the App Store.

On technical issues , the BlackBerry blame one million Android users who use the installation file ( format. GER) unofficial fuel.

Last update delays on BlackBerry BBM cross-platform is a certainty will not be there this week and plan to block the use of BBM unofficial Android.

Waiting for a response

The BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, the highly anticipated BlackBerry willing to reveal the real reason for the delay. Google cited as the "play" for the BBM delay for Android.

I asked why he was released in BBM for Android game store at the time which was designed BlackBerry . Did Google intentionally do so, if yes what ? Or is it a request for a delay between the BlackBerry.

Until now , there has been no official statement from Google and BlackBerry on thes scheduled launch BBM for Android.

This expected BlackBerry clarification is not only a question of time , which is important for the user , it is the certainty of the expected launch BBM for Android and iPhone.

It is undeniable , BBM is BlackBerry products are " hated " but eagerly awaited by iPhone and Android users , especially in Indonesia.

BlackBerry is going to announce the BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 ? Expect .

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BlackBerry Jam Asia in 2013 is likely to be an arena for report development and new features of BlackBerry OS 10.2 .

Also, do not rule out the possibility , will officially launch the BlackBerry operating system as a tribute to developers of applications that are still producing faithful platforms from "dim" it .

Finally, the new mobile phone was launched last week in Malaysia , Blackberry Z30 also likely to be present in Hong Kong. Z30 is very attractive to developers because the BlackBerry is carrying a very large screen , which is 5 inches .

Screen size of the new item for developers and they certainly want to discuss how to build an application to be compatible BlackBerry Z30 .

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