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Chronology Of The Push-Pull BBM On Android And iOS

The official announcement of the date of availability of the BlackBerry application BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) multi -platform on Wednesday ( 18/09/2013 ), and a great enthusiasm greeted by Android and iPhone users .

Chronology of the push-pull BBM on Android and iOS
Chronology of the push-pull BBM on Android and iOS

Unfortunately, beyond the technical problems occur , such as BlackBerry broken promises, for failing to submit the request in a timely manner on Google Play Store.

BlackBerry gave his troubles related to the explanation of this release. BlackBerry has also promised to solve the existing problems immediately. However, the application does not seem to appear in this week.

Well, pending completion of the issue, look back and remember the chronology of the failure of cross- platform BBM present time .

1 . The first announcement , direct BlackBerry

BlackBerry gives a sweet surprise to BlackBerry Live Event 2013 in Orlando , USA , in mid -May. Service "champion" them , BBM will be available for Android and iOS .

The second user device seemed very excited waiting for the application. We see so many leaks , whether the information or images on the fly , the BBM connected application is cross- platform .

The social networking world is busy talking about this request.

2 . A few days before the official announcement, the first leaks

On September 16 , there are those who fled trial versions of applications in the Android version of the virtual world.

The application can be installed on Android devices version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at the top. However, this application does not work at all. After successfully installed , the user will not be a successful connection. Apparently , only certain BlackBerry ID that can be used .

3 . The official announcement of the availability of applications

The long awaited day has finally arrived. BlackBerry , September 19, 2013 has announced the date on which the application is available on the App Store Google Play Store and the App Store of Apple.

Maspiyono Handoro , BlackBerry Indonesia CEO, at a press conference for everyone in Jakarta, Indonesia BBM , said that the application can be downloaded on Play Store on September 21 at 18:00. Meanwhile, the new iOS app can try a few hours later, on September 22 at 00:01 .

4 . D-day , the second leak

A few hours before the official release of BlackBerry BBM Google Play Store on September 21 , making this application leaks circulating in cyberspace. Different from the file first unofficial leak can work well.

Some Android users claim to be able to connect and use all the functions correctly.

5. On the day, at the launch of BBM for Android

Finally , the most awaited moment is coming too. About 18:00, starting to get into Android Google users search the App Store Play cross-platform BBM application . However, the result of their research is always zero . Android users have been unable to find a fake fuel applications ( in its development, this fake implementation constantly removed by Google) . After a few hours of the release date as the application has not yet appeared . There has been no official explanation of the BlackBerry in the day.

6 . On the day, at the launch of BBM for iPhone

Unlike lots of Android users , iPhone users can try BBM cross-platform applications in a timely manner . In fact, Apple has released the request of one hour a predetermined time . Hopefully Android users to quickly get this application appeared again .

7 . D- Day +1 , BBM for iPhone and explanations drawn first official BlackBerry

On Sunday morning, September 22 , BlackBerry began to provide an explanation for the problem occurred. In a publication in the official BlackBerry blog , the company has identified the root causes delays paternal BBM Android from files of BBM unofficial leak second alias file application.

In anticipation of problems that occur , the BlackBerry disable unofficial application. BBM for iPhone can still be used , although the installation file removed from the App Store

8 . Day 2 , the second official BlackBerry explanation

BlackBerry spoke again on September 23. BBM boss, Andrew Bocking , said that the application was not filed an official BBM for Android is actually not perfect, still have bugs that result in increased server load.

To solve this problem is not easy because the file that the user has touched the figure of € 1.1 million. BlackBerry parts can not be sure when the cross - platform fuel will be canceled. To be sure, the application does not appear in this week.

So when released BlackBerry BBM for Android and iPhone?

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