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Blackberry Interlocking "Separation" of Blackberry messenger?

One of the "rescue" that can be taken by the Blackberry is breaking down the company's business. That is reportedly being considered for the instant messaging service Blackberry Messenger.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing a number of sources, allegedly Blackberry service is considering separating the fuel into a subsidiary which operates independently.

Blackberry Interlocking "Separation" of Blackberry messenger
Blackberry Interlocking "Separation" of Blackberry messenger?

This subsidiary, according to sources, will be called "Fuel Inc". Blackberry steps were allegedly done to reposition the fuel as one of the high-value assets before the sale of the company.

To realize the separation of Blackberry messenger, Blackberry is rumored to have started moving executives related to fuel the team and develop a number of other services out instant messages, including those already available for Blackberry users such as video chat.

There are also rumors that the Blackberry will introduce a similar service called Blackberry messenger Channel Twitter, marketing tools that allow closer interaction between brands and celebrities with consumers. Blackberry messenger is also rumored to be accessible via a desktop computer.

Last May, Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins has announced that the Blackberry messenger service will be available for two greatest rivals Blackberry platforms, namely iOS and Android. The announcement came in the midst of emerging popularity of instant messaging services such as WhatsApp.

Blackberry messenger itself now has about 60 million active users, compared to 300 million who have so far collected by WhatsApp.

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