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BlackBerry Bbm Not Provide The Certainty Android and iPhone

Android and iPhone users are eager to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) platform seems to be a little patience. BlackBerry BBM do not know when the cross - platform will be canceled.

Chief of the Division of BBM BlackBerry Andrew Bocking just to make sure that BBM app for Android and iPhone will not be released this week .

BlackBerry BBM not provide the certainty Android and iPhone
BlackBerry BBM not provide the certainty Android and iPhone

Due to technical problems , the BlackBerry can not release an application that has been highly anticipated in the near future .

Bocking According to the official BlackBerry blog , Tuesday ( 24/09/2013 ) , the root of the problem is the installation file (APK ) is not an official BBM application. He said the leak version of BBM still have bugs that result in increased server load.

"Version (Application BBM) will generate the traffic volume higher than normal data for each active user and the impact on the system in a way that is not normal ," says Bocking .

BlackBerry claims to resolve the matter with the final version is scheduled to be released on Saturday ( 21/09/2013 ) then . However, because it can not block users unofficial files hit the number 1 million, ultimately delaying the launch of BlackBerry BBM this final version.

By delaying the launch, BlackBerry wants to concentrate to block unauthorized files that have been installed at various Android devices , applications before releasing the final version of BBM for Android.

" We also believe that our system will be able to face a scenario like this in the future . 'S sound like an easy task , it is not. Who is going to spend some time and I think BBM for Android will not be released this week , "said Bocking .

Previously , BBM for Android is scheduled to be released on Saturday ( 21/09/2013 ) at 18:00 in Google Play Store. Several hours later, at 12:01 on Sunday ( 22/09/2013 ) , BBM for iPhone will also be published .

BBM app for iPhone released on time, but pulled back because of this problem.

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