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After the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android certainly be delayed , false claims of fuel suddenly disappeared from Google Play Store. Google seems to have acted decisively to remove applications that pose openly that fuel.

BBM retirement Android , Google suddenly " Diligent "

BBM for Android occurrences that extend the timetable was announced BlackBerry users make a lot of impatience and even download BBM fake applications. Users are tricked probably even fewer .

Prevent the "victim" more , Google suddenly so " diligent" . Previously, Google seems lazy leaving BBM false wandering Play Store application.

When you type the keyword "oil" or " BBM for Android ", the results of the research show that the majority of text messaging for brands other applications such as WhatsApp , Line, and Kitten . There are also applications for fuel guide the design of applications and games.

In fact, there are three applications that have really made the BlackBerry on the page, ie BES10 Client Manager workspace and safe workspace . However, this is not an official application for Android BBM . All three are fuel for enterprise applications can not use ordinary users.

Previously, circulating various applications that use the name " BBM for Android" frills or "fuel" in the Google Play Store. To further convince the user, the application developer to install BBM logo .

Obviously, these applications instead of the original. BBM for Android application is actually developed directly by the BlackBerry Limited.

The fake applications can often be installed, but can not be used at all. There are also applications which apparently used to register for notification of the launch of BBM .

Even so, there are still users who fooled the applications of this type . Some argue that the numbers in the hundreds of thousands of downloads , whether real or imaginary results.

BBM for Android app itself is still not been released . In fact , BBM for iPhone has been removed by the BlackBerry from the Apple App Store .

BBM retirement Android , Google suddenly " Diligent "

BlackBerry talked related resignation and withdrawal time release of BBM Android and iPhone. According to BlackBerry , the root of the problem is the massive use of the installation file (APK ) informal fuel which eventually led to technical problems on the BlackBerry system.

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