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BlackBerry was not only going to take off the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iPhone. BBM application can also be present in a computer (PC).

BBM also will enter the desktop
BBM also will enter the desktop

This is pretty shocking news was delivered by the Vice- president of developer relations and ecosystem Alec Saunders at the opening of blackberry jam Asia, held in Hong Kong on Thursday ( 26/09/2013 ) .

Saunders said BlackBerry BBM working on the implementation of the project on a desktop computer .

BBM app for the PC has even been shown to developers and media at the annual BlackBerry party. Looks of the PC operating system which is used for the demo is Windows 7.

Not a standalone application

However, there is one thing that deserves to be highlighted. The BBM application on PC is not a standalone application.

How it works a little differently than the BBM Android and iPhone. For the application to work and used to discuss BBM Desktop must be connected to the phone via BlackBerry Bridge Windows applications. No mention if later , Android phones and the iPhone can also be connected to a PC.

The operation of this office is actually on the fuel as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet . Thus, the phone will display fuel mirror ( projected ) to a computer via USB or WiFi. In addition , users can send and receive messages on the computer desktop .

Saunders said not only fuel for the office be used only to send text messages. Photos, files and other documents in the computer can be sent via the BBM application.

There is no information on when the fuel for the PC will be launched . Saunders just to make sure that this application under Windows and Mac will also be present . BlackBerry also admitted to " think of other platforms ."

What is this other Windows Phone platform ? Maybe if so of course good news for users of Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia .

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