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5 BlackBerry Causes Problems "collapsed"

BlackBerry was once the companies preferred devices , even though the government to communicate . Thank you high level of security features of the BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging and e -mail , the BlackBerry device continues to be a mainstay .

Unfortunately , the popularity of BlackBerry devices triggered by continuing to decline , losing for the latest mobile platforms like Android and iOS . Both operating systems offer a more interactive, " colorful " , while providing security as well.

BlackBerry has changed its strategy immediately. Edited by Thorsten Heins , the BlackBerry instantly developed the operating system ( OS) BlackBerry 10 . Canadian companies are hopeful that the operating system can save adversity.

The result ? BlackBerry BlackBerry 10 still seems to bring out the storm so thick . Some time ago , the BlackBerry has made ??a decision, look for other alternatives to save the company , with the possibility of joint ventures, strategic partners , at worst, to sell the company to a third party .

This is not the end of the BlackBerry , but the condition is precarious . Pending the finalization of the BlackBerry , the following 5 reasons why the BlackBerry can go in times of adversity , quoted by Hive Tech.

1 . BlackBerry 10 is delayed

Device and its operating system that supports long-planned . BlackBerry is also excited at the same time . Unfortunately, this platform had repeatedly delayed the release time for months before finally actually launched in early 2013 .

In the past, BlackBerry drew thousands of people and asked fans to be patient. Unfortunately, not everyone can be patient and it is not surprising many turn to another platform. Yes, BlackBerry has seemed to lose its momentum.

2 . application

The new BlackBerry 10 operating system looks quite charming , with movement and navigation based on the general notification center. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry 10 powered developer of smaller applications like Instagram , Path, and Google Maps.

For this problem, the BlackBerry has made ??a promise to improve the application launch , but seven months later, the BlackBerry world still looked "lonely" .

3 . Hardware

So far, the BlackBerry has published 3 OS based devices . All three are Z10, Q10 and Q5 . Both of these devices has a QWERTY keyboard, while the rest has a touch screen . Although all three looked promising , the devices are still not as sold on the market.

Sales is not very good, and even less of the product based Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 .

4 . PlayBook

One of the biggest mistakes that the BlackBerry is connected to the tablet market . At the time of its launch, this device has the hardware specification of the charming and a good operating system. Unfortunately, this product has a price tag is too high and not even with an e -mail . This device was eventually fails miserably.

Everything was done through the BlackBerry devices to save it as a massive price drop . Unfortunately, this strategy also failed.

BlackBerry itself has promised to update the BlackBerry 10. However, the hardware specifications are not too high for the intention to cancel BlackBerry .

5. business

Market for Enterprise which was formerly BlackBerry " worship " , move to another platform , like the iPhone business of the company. Other devices , such as iPhone, capable of delivering a good performance of the company, while providing entertainment features , characteristics that the BlackBerry platform. Start a lot of people who think the drilling BlackBerry .

When the iPhone came out , followed by Android, BlackBerry tried hard to follow, and, unfortunately, can not adapt quickly to the changing needs of consumers .

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