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Despite more than 130,000 applications, Blackberry 10 is not yet visited by popular applications. One of the most anticipated is InstagramWhen social networks from photos and a short video will be available on phones based on Blackberry 10 ?

" Instagram is not present in the Blackberry 10 in the near future ," said Vice President Alec Saunders Blackberry Developer Relations, in an interview with the Blackberry Jam KompasTekno Asia 2013 , Thursday .

Not that Blackberry does not seek to present , but it turns out that Instagram is not present in Blackberry 10 . Saunders says , Blackberry continues to try to convince Instagram to change their decision. However , Instagram has so far not seen to open up to 10 users of Blackberry mobile phones.

Rather than waiting for Instagram not yet know when his presence, Saunders invites users to use Blackberry 10 similar applications available on the Blackberry World .

"If you want to have BB10 on Instagram , you will find some alternative application sharing ," Saunders said while showing a photo sharing application normally uses .

Saunders seemed to forget the essence of sharing photos. Applications Instagram alternatives are widely available, but what is the point of sharing photos in applications that are not widely used? The photos are not shared many views and no comments . Users like Instagram because many people use and colleagues . With many being watched , commented , and as the certainly happy to share photos users. This is the appeal Instagram 's .

Instagram is voter

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom States will indeed create applications for Blackberry 10 . However, other Systrom , Instagram on both platforms are not present in the near future . The founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger , the famous "voters" if you want to make an application on a platform . First appeared on iOS 6 October 2010 , it took a year and a half for Instagram for Android is available in the April 3, 2013 .

Decision making app Instagram for Android is a sweet fruit . Number of users is growing rapidly thanks to Android. Until mid -2013 Instagram has 110 million users, about 50 million of this amount Android users .

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